When you meet someone for the first time, what is the first thing you do?

I’ll bet you check out their online presence – social media channels, customer reviews, and website. Often professionals look online prior to an initial meeting to see what the company and/or person is all about. This research allows them to go into a meeting prepared.

What is the GOAL of your website?

To sell a product, educate, generate targeted leads, increase company awareness, attract new hires, book an appointment to name a few. In order to relate to the goal, the company must know WHO their audience is and provide relevant content that will relate to their ideal customer. How can you help your ideal customer?

So…let me ask you? When is the last time you truly took some time to review your online presence and in particular your website? Have there been updates and/or changes in the last year? Or, was the website just put something out there and forget it?

The search engines are constantly searching for new content. If you haven’t made any changes or updated a blog, they will soon realize your website may be out of date. Things in your business have changed. Perhaps you have updated photos to share, hired staff, have launched new services, obtained new testimonials or eliminated services. These are all website content updates that can be made.

Has your website been optimized for mobile?

Did you ever pop on someone’s website with your mobile device and discover you had to keep moving the text around because it didn’t adjust to the screen? That’s an indication that the website isn’t mobile responsive? Google will penalize your website’s search results if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile.

  • Often when working with a website developer a process occurs to be sure your new website meets the goals of the organization. Here are some common steps:
    • An initial meeting occurs to review the current site some things covered include such things as:
    • Determining the goal of the website and desired call to action
    • Identifying information that is incorrect
    • Uncovering new products and/or services
    • Is the color palette correct or is a logo or brand update necessary
  • From the initial meeting, a site map or the overall tab structure of the new website is created. This incorporates any changes from above. The client approves the new structure.
  • Content is generated either by the company or by hiring a professional writer that tells your story utilizing best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. This step is often where new websites staff. Sometimes website developers have the capability to provide writing services to clients. The client approves the content.
  • Photos are chosen – either stock photography and/or company supplied photos if high enough resolution. The client approves the selection of photos.
  • The developer then takes all the components listed above and creates a new website and sends the new website to the client for final approval.

Every custom website project is unique. We work with you to understand your needs and determine an appropriate timeline, budget, and project plan tailored to your business. Let us combine our creativity and knowledgeable use of technology for your business!

About the Author:

Joe Birch, owner of In-House Graphics a full-service graphic design firm offers graphic design services, website hosting and website development to business owners and nonprofit organizations. To contact Joe, go to www.inhousegraphicsinc.com or by email at [email protected]